three men and a pregnant lady – pregnancy photoshoot in Dorst

A few weeks ago I thought it was a good time to capture this pregnancy before I’d start feeling too round. We’d already taken a few photos ourselves on a sunny afternoon with some tree logs near Alblasserdam. It is a little hard to take photos of all of us as a family. Luckily I have two great sisters who don’t mind helping out at all. After helping with our previous family photoshoots, my sister has been trained quite well as assistant photographer and definitely knows how to click the button. My other little sister also came along to entertain our two active boys while Mark and I had our photos taken. We love coming to new locations and via a good friend we heard about the forest in Dorst. Sand, pinetrees and forest, it sounded like photo paradise. So with all our things packed in the car and a handful of candy we went to the forest in Dorst, close to Breda.

Sadly the sun didn’t shine much that afternoon, but nonetheless we are very happy with our photos. Dear Mirjam and Hadassah, thanks for your help, couldn’t have done it without you. And Ilse….great location! We will definitely be coming here again!

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