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An elegant and rustic wedding in Alblasserdam

Rosemarijn and David were married last summer. Their wedding proved that with some simple vases, beautiful flowers and some wood cuttings, you can create a beautiful, elegant wedding, without spending thousands of euros.

The day started with lovely warm sunlight streaming through the trees. While taking photos of the groom, he announced that he wanted a few picture with his pet. ‘No problem’, I said. Within a few minutes he came back from his shed with… a huge falcon! Meanwhile, the super calm bride finished up with her hair and makeup and put on her stunning gown. As a surprise, the parents of the bride had arranged a beautiful Cadillac as a wedding car. So after their ‘first look’, we all had to take a quick look at this trendy car.

The first part of the day took place at the Eendenkooi in Streefkerk, where we also took photos with David and Rosemarijn. In this small nature area were lots of completely different photo spots without having to walk far, which was great for the bride and groom, and made our job easier too! 🙂

After the photoshoot, the bride and groom joined their day guests by arriving in a large ‘bakfiets’ (which is a traditional dutch bike that has a trailer at the front). Before long, a delicious wedding cake was being served, followed by a beautiful song sung by the groom’s father. After everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch, it was time for the church service. All the guests then brought back to their cars on a large tractor which had a trailer loaded with hay-bale chairs. This made for great fun and a unique experience for everyone!

In the evening, the wedding reception took place at the Landhoeve in Nieuw-Lekkerland. Funny skits, movies of the bachelor/bachelorette parties, laughing, dancing and much more – in short, it was a fantastic day. Just before the sun went down, we walked up the little hill next to the reception venue with the bride and groom to get a few last photos in the beautiful light that is known as ‘the golden hour’. And boy were we glad that we did! Those simple 10 minutes were really beautiful, also for the bride and groom too, just spending a few quiet moments together as they held hands and walked together through the grass. They both look stunning as the sun sets over the water.

Thanks Rosemarijn and David for allowing us the honour of photographing and experiencing your special day!