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Before the summer I was looking for some adults and children who wanted to be a model for stock photos for ‘Social Team’ in Sliedrecht. Esmee offered to help with her two boys. What exemplary boys they are – my boys could learn a few things from them!  Esmee was very happy with the photos and that then led to a photoshoot of her entire family, including brothers and grandparents.

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We often receive requests from families who want to book a photoshoot as a birthday gift or anniversary gift for parents or grandparents. It’s always really special to see how a relationship that started a long time ago has grown over 30, 40, or 50 years of marriage. It’s also wonderful to see how the family has grown over time, with children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren being a part of the photoshoot. The hardest part for everyone is often simply choosing a date when the whole family is available, but once that’s done, it normally ends up being a fun family day together, combined with the photoshoot.

A few weeks ago I thought it was a good time to capture this pregnancy before I’d start feeling too round. We’d already taken a few photos ourselves on a sunny afternoon with some tree logs near Alblasserdam. It is a little hard to take photos of all of us as a family. Luckily I have two great sisters who don’t mind helping out at all. After helping with our previous family photoshoots, my sister has been trained quite well as assistant photographer and definitely knows how to click the button. My other little sister also came along to entertain our two active boys while Mark and I had our photos taken. We love coming to new locations and via a good friend we heard about the forest in Dorst. Sand, pinetrees and forest, it sounded like photo paradise. So with all our things packed in the car and a handful of candy we went to the forest in Dorst, close to Breda.

It’s been a while since our last blog post. That does not mean that it has been quiet here though! It is sometimes much easier to post a few photos on Facebook than to write a useful and interesting blog. And then came the holidays and two birthdays …. Before you know it, it’s already February 2017! Two weeks ago I visited family van Genderen to see how their picture on scaffolding wood turned out. When I walked in it was hanging beautifully on the wall. Time to make a blog about the photo shoot and the end result!

M & D Photography- Newborn-Naturel 001-2Last December we took photos of this beautiful little princess: Hadassa, together with her mum and dad in their house in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. She had lots of lovely hair and big blue eyes. And though you might not see it in the photos, this lovely girl didn’t feel like sleeping at all. She would much rather look around. Lots of cuddles, a nice drink with mum and a few dirty nappies later and she was all curled up fast asleep. This is all part of a newborn photoshoot. We also take our time during these shoots because the baby is the boss.  Actually I don’t mind newborn photoshoots and find them quite calming. Nice warm room, baby smell, soothing the baby…it’s wonderful. Each time we see and photograph a newborn, it feels so special. And to think that no more than two weeks earlier, the baby was nice and snug in the mum’s belly! Such a miracle from God.